About UPET

With a history of more than 150 years from establishing, UPET is a leader in construction of mobile drilling rigs in Romania and the region. Our products are exported to more than 45 countries of the world to the  majority of oil and gas extraction regions. Our clients appreciate our products for quality, durability and ease in operation.

upet history


The factory was established as Arsenal Targoviste and initialy was a casting of guns. During 80 years Arsenal Tagoviste brought an important contribution to building Romanian defence and statality, the isuue we are very proud of.


Starting with 1949 the factory becomes the Oilfield equipment from Targoviste, the moment when UPET’s history as an oilfield equipment producer strarts.


UPET became an important producer of drilling and workover rigs. Romania always counted on UPET’s products, and the most of the driliing rigs in Romania have been produced by us. Our products were always recognized as robust, easy and efficient in operation. UPET becomes a very well known producer outside Romania


More than 20 years UPET holds API licences and this fact proves high quality of the products and their correspondence to the highest standards. Our products are apreciated not only in Romnamia, but also in the main extarction zones of the world.