f@ck xd, what is it. um...

Click here, senpai ~

------------------------What i use?------------------

Made in Phone:

Cute Cut Pro.
Ibis Paint X.

Made in PC:

Paint Tool Sai 2. (by Flyer Dell)
Movavi Video Editor.


1. What my name? (In real life)
My name is Vika.
2. Are you from Russia?
Yes, i from in Russia.
3. You have a best friends?
Yes, Gacha Lina and Shiboku Unam.
4. Collab?
Always yes.
5. You have social network?
6. Piar?
7. You gachatuber?
And yes, and no. I artist and gachatuber.
I love you, my puppies and kittens!more