Cold porcelain with your own hands, you can easily make at home. Without cooking and all wisdom, and easily in 5 minutes! Watch the video how to do it right the cold porcelain novice and already start to sculpt various crafts.

For the preparation of cold porcelain in the home, you will need:

1. Corn starch;
2. Vegetable oil;
3. PVA glue (801 or 802), but it is possible and the other;
4. Glycerol;
5. Baking soda;
6. Hand Cream.

All this is mixed in the following proportions:
4 tablespoons of starch, 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, 4-5 drops of glycerin, baking soda on the tip of a teaspoon and four tablespoons of white glue.

Good mix all ingredients until a thick dough. Mnemonic cold porcelain hands a few minutes. Grease cream and the resulting mass is wrapped in a package. Leave for 2-5 hours at room temperature to lie down.

After this cold porcelain is ready for use. You can sculpt out of it anything you like! Fully cured for 24 hours and become strong as plastic.
There will be many interesting videos.