DIY Fairy House with Attic using Two Jars
In this video tutorial I show you how I made a medium size fairy house with attic using two jars (one on top of the other), tin foil, hot glue, paper clay and acrylic paint. It’s fun to make and you can use it as candy jar for a candy bar, birthday party, thank you gift for a baby shower, baby room decoration, piggy bank, jewelry box, cookie jar and so on. You can turn it into a lamp also adding some battery operated LED candle lights.

Materials and tools: two empty jars with lids(a big one and a smaller one), aluminum foil, air dry paper clay (here is my video on making your own AIR DRY PAPER CLAY ), hot glue and acrylic paint. (A lot of you asked me if you can use polymer clay on this kind of projects. Of course you can use polymer clay but for bigger jars like the ones I used in this video you will have to use a lot of polymer clay and the whole project will become expensive. You will be able to save a lot of material using thin foil but still, I would recommend you to use air dry paper clay.) Choose some jars and clean them with hot water and soap. Think about the shape of your fairy house. I made a fairy house with attic and placed two jars one on top of the other. First you decide where the door and the windows will be on the jar and start adding clay around them building the walls. You don’t need to pay too much attention to details at this point. Let everything dry. Apply another layer of clay to create textures and details like door handles, roof chimney, stones or any detail that might give your fairy house a unique look. I made some stone textures for the walls and wood texture for the door and windows. If the clay doesn’t stick to the previous layer I recommend you to water the areas you want to work on. Also keep a water container near by to wet your hands and working utensils when they get sticky. Use water to achieve smooth and shiny surfaces. Start shaping some tin foil into your house roof. Cover it with tin foil and integrate the lid at the bottom. I also used cardboard for making the bottom of the roof. You can add multiple layers of foil untill you get the desired result. Glue the tin foil cap to the jar’s lid using hot glue. Cover the tin foil shape with a layer of clay. Paint the fairy house in the desired colors. You can use acrylic paint or watercolors. If you use watercolors for this step I recommend you seal them in the end with varnish or regular hair spray.
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