They made a vase with their own hands from tetra-packets. This is a wonderful hand-crafted article of a throw-out material that even a beginner can do. In such a vase do not pour water, but if you put a bottle in it, you can pour water.

To make a vase you will need:
• 2 packs of juice, 2 liters each;
• Painting tape;
• Papier mache;
• Acrylic paints;
• Cardboard tray for eggs;
• Acrylic lacquer.

Take a look at our master class and learn how to make a vase.
The vase is not difficult to make, but for a long time. We'll have to wait a few days for papier-mache to dry up.

Look at the vases we made:

How to make your own hands Vase from a throwback material:

Romantic vase from a plastic bottle:

Floor vase by own hands:

Vase in Steampunk style:

How to make a vase in 5 minutes:

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